Thursday, December 10, 2009

What are you doing on personal development on a daily basis?

Developing our technical skills and strategies to reach our professional goals is crucial.

Nevertheless, the key to success is probably not there only.

You need to develop yourself on a daily basis. Mindset, believes, commitment, drive, focus have to be develop, improve continuously. Your psychology, your physiology will give you success!

I invite you to share what you already implemented in your routine or think about what you should make every day.

Here is what I practice every single day since at least 6 months

- Incantations: the classic one is : I am successful. For my own incantations, I repeat them again and again at least 2 to 3 minutes in a day. You may have several different. You need to feel it, to be what you you say.

- Vizualisation : Put yourself at the place you want to be, having achieved your goals. You have to see you in that situation, you have to feel you are here. Do that for 5 minutes. Put yourself in a strong emotion while making the vizualisation. Do that each and every day. Do 1 or 2 but not more. And when you reached this goal, find another one.

- Meditation : take 5 minutes to empty my mind, to clarify my ideas.

- act on my physiology. Everytime I feel down, stressed, depressed. I Open mychest, take deep breaths, excale a lot. I Think about beautiful things. We canno't be depressed when smiling, breathing with open chest.

- I eat healthy to give a good energy to my body. Help yourself by choosing healthy meals.

- I Make exercice, walking and running. I Do the incantations and vizualisation while walking and running!

Your goal is to have a strong mindset, with the certity your unconscious mind will work for you and the certity you will do everything requiered to succeed in your projects.

Let's go. Share with everybody what you are doing as well regularly.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Master PPC as Cherie Yvette, Urban Cowgirl-prevent google slap
As Cherie Yvette, Lelia Raynal gives you insights to master PPC and prevent google slap. To avoid google slap, understand key elements and Master PPC as well.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Your Success In 2010 And Beyond Depends On These 10 Things

I found this great article about leadership from Rose Mis.

I really wanted to share it with you

Enjoy the reading.... and learning because it rocks!

In order to be successful in business ….

You have to find a need and fill it … people buy solutions to their problems...

You have to be unique…you have to be someone or have something that separates you from the competition…

And…I believe that this is the most important of all…

You have to have a certain kind of mental toughness because the difference between winning and losing in business is so small that most people don't get it and they lose JUST short of winning…

You can be doing 99% of everything right in business…

But if you miss that 1%…that winning edge…that mental toughness…it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to win.

There are no tests designed to measure what's in the heart of a man or a woman. The key to winning BIG is inside of the individual person. It is their integrity…their people skills...their character. Once they develop the winning edge…They become UNSTOPPABLE…They are force to be RECKONED WITH…They are the LEADER that people are LOOKING FOR.

Here are 10 things that I believe you need to WIN BIG in Life and Business

Get Excited. People cannot handle any more negativity. They can't handle any more wimps and whiners. 90% of the population can stay excited about something for 2-3 months and then they are done with it and on to something else. 7% of the population can stay excited for 2-3 years and then they are off to something else just before they exprience TRUE success. 3% of the population can stay excited for 20 or 30 years…however long it takes to be successful. Those are the folks that win BIG. Those are the success stories that we all hear about. These are the folks that breathe life..excitement... and enthusiasm in every person they meet and into everything they do. People LOVE being around positive...enthusiastic...excited people. Be that person and others will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.

Become a Dreamer Again. You have got to have a great big fat dream that lights you up like the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. It has to be so vivid that whenever you think about it your heart starts pounding in your chest. It's the dream that keeps you awake at night trying to figure out how you are going to make it happen. If you don't have a dream like this you are dead in the water when things get tough. You will have nothing to keep you moving forward and you will quit. Make your dreams so real for yourself that you have no choice but to become the you of your dreams.

Feel GOOD About Yourself. You have got to OBLITERATE the words I CAN'T from your vocabulary. You have got to bury them and let them rest in peace. They can never fall from your lips again..they can never enter your mind again. When you banish those words of lack and limitation from your vocabulary and your mind … YOU CAN DO ANYTHING…YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE

Stand For Something. People are fed up with wishy-washy lookie-loos…fence sitters. People are looking for…they are demanding honest LEADERS with integrity to step up and reveal themselves…to LEAD. People are tired of the con artists…the shills who are willing to sell any kind of junk just to make a buck. People are clamoring for honesty. When you step up and stand for something, when you speak with integrity and honesty…the right people will hear you and flock to you. You become the leader that they have been searching for.

Get Used To Being Controversial. You have got to be controversial. When everyone is zigging…you need to zagging. If you are doing exactly what everyone else is doing you are average and ordinary. You are nothing more than mediocre. If you want everyone to like you…mediocre will do the trick just fine. When you choose to be controversial…you become extraordinary. Lot's of people won't like you. Get used to it. You CAN be awesome and tough at the same time. The RIGHT people will appreciate you for it. And they will join forces with you because you are singing a song that is music to their ears.

Get Totally Committed. You must be totally committed to what you are all about. You can't just try something out to see if it works for you. You can't become successful by dipping your big toe in the water to see if the temperature is just right. It's all or nothing. JUMP IN and SWIM. You have got to be committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Commitment gives you the courage you need to fight motivate yourself when things get tough. And trust me….things will get tough. Things will not always work out the way that you want them to. Commitment gives you the strength you need to pick yourself up for the 8th time right after you have fallen flat on your butt 7 times. It gives you the strength to talk to one more person after 100 have said NO to you. It gives you the strength to learn the skills that you need to master a new piece of technology. Commitment gives you confidence…it strengthens your faith in yourself and what you are doing.

Treat People Right. You have got to treat people right. You have got to LOVE people. You have got to CARE about them. You got to be willing to get burnt once in a while so that you can show people how GREAT they really are. Everyone wants to be SOMEBODY. Everyone wants to know that they are IMPORTANT. Everyone wants to know that they are VALUABLE. Everyone wants to be APPRECIATED. When you choose to speak a person's GREATNESS INTO THEM. When you choose to show someone just how IMPORTANT THEY ARE, you just became the miracle that they are looking for.

Have The Right Priorities. You have to have the right priorities. You are a holistic being. Your life must be in balance. Tunnel vision doesn't cut it. If you have a lousy spiritual life…or a lousy personal life…ultimately your business will pay the price for your imbalance. YOU are your business. If you are not thriving personally or spiritually…it will show up in your business sooner or later. The healthier you are…the healthier your business is. Take the time to work on all areas of your life. Your business will thrive because of it.

Have The Heart of a Champion. You have got to have the heart of a champion. The desire and will to win is EVERYTHING. You have got to get FIRED UP and STAY FIRED UP. You are here to make a difference with your life. You have got to be willing to pay the price and a little bit more that success demands of you to win. You have got to be mentally tough and you can never…ever quit. QUITTERS NEVER WIN and WINNERS NEVER QUIT.

Be A Leader. You have got to be a leader. Leadership is EVERYTHING. This world desperately needs leaders. Leaders make things happen…they JUST DO IT. "Almost" is a lifestyle for most people…I almost did this….I almost did that… Winners DO IT…Leaders DO IT. They do whatever it takes to get the job done…they do whatever it takes to win. They roll up their sleeves..they hunker down and they just do it…and do it..and do it..and do it…until the job gets done !! Get rid of the excuses… get rid of the I can'ts…banish the I don't want to's…and just DO IT.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Become Successful In Your Projects-Take Responsability Your Life
To become successful in all your projects, you MUST take responsability for your life. Good/bad, success/failures. U have power to act on and control your life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Get Clients Now-C.J. Hayden - toolbook for successful entrepreneur
Successful entrepreneur, Get Clients Now - is a MUST HAVE book taking the mystery out of online and offline marketing. It is a complete action oriented tool-book.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tips to Find Legitimate, Small Home-Based-Business Opportunity
Useful Tips to Find Legitimate, Small Home-Based-Business Opportunities and Succeed!
Avoid scams. Recognize real legitimate small home based business opportunities.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Way For People To Know Who You Are

Good Day Everyone,
I found a now site that could help you gain some leads. It is call This is a good way to establish
yourself out their as a leader and another source of "social branding".
To Your Success With Many Blessings,
Branden D. Saunders

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Overview about a great book : get clients now


I posted several days ago on my blog a post about a great book I am currently reading. That could interest you. Feel free to go read it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

How are your projets? Could you tell them to us?

Hi Everyone

I will be interesting to read about the current projets, as internet marketer, of the dear contributor of this blog. Sharing with other will be profitable for everybody : to give ideas to others and to help clarfying them in the mind of the author.

What is your current focus, what are your accomplishments, your challenges. Tell us about your success, your failure.

You could also tell us how we could help you or what are you current need.

I will start, ad hopefully, you will follow!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watch this video

Hello All,
Here is another video. Please watch because it is about PROCRASTINATION. We are all guilty of this from time to time. To be successful at anything start NOW! The remarkable people that are involved at CCP will always give you the right tools, but it is up to you to use these right tools provided to start to build your FOUNDATION.

Video On Goal Setting

Hello All,
Branden D. Saunders here to help you on your way. Goal Setting and its IMPORTANCE. Please watch, follow the link below.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Need a Hub? Contest!

Do you have a story hub yet?

I will make personalized wordpress templates for two PRO members that can send me traffic.

More information on the forum:

:-) Good luck!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Secret

Ladies and Gentleman,
I personally write to you to watch this man, he is my favorite video mentor, he keeps me going day in and day out. We all have someone to follow,to help give us direction, to help us follow a path that maybe we still cannot see, and to physically see a given person to give us advice to action. You have the choice to either listen or not and to watch or not.

To Your Success,

Branden D. Saunders

How you could obtain tremendous help from Mike koenigs and TrafficGeyzer?

How you could obtain tremendous help from Mike koenigs and TrafficGeyzer?

Are you like me and discover periodically that you are fully equiped with all the necessary tools and skills to succeed but simply do not use these tools effectivelly, without the leverage you should have?

For sometime, I have been a full member of TrafficGeyzer, created by Mike Koenigs. This is a tremendous system which was firstly designed to distribute videos to your accounts for almost 30 video sites. For a full month I used it that way. I was already happy about the results. With this system, I was able to rank at the top of google search in a few hours after submission through TraggicGeyzer, in the case of a specific niche I targetted for the purpose of my first client, and also in the case of my first own campaign. (I have the proof, but did not take time to create the video yet LOL!)

Nevertheless, I knew that there were many more tools available in TrafficGeyzer that were included in the membership monthly fee, and I also realized at a point there were news powerful tools that were now available. The hours, the days, the weeks went away, time was missing and I did not follow through with my idea to beneficiate from all the potential from my membership.

To do a long story short, I finally took this particular day to explore TrafficGeyzer, and take full advantage of the incredible tool!

In fact, I am so excited by all the tools and ideas that I found. It is just crazy how powerful is and essential to internet marketing beginner is the package that propose Mike Koenigs to his members. I already knew him before to start my business in internet marketing by a video he made about internet marketing with Anthony Robbins, and I trusted him totally. Probably you were able to judge by yourselves the incredible value he gives in his trainings. This afternoon, I learned and discovered so many things, tools and strategies. I am totally boosted with a clearer plan of the efficient strategies I will implement quickly to obtain new incomes (as a question of weeks) in conjunction of social media marketing I am already engaged in.

Really, this system offers all what is necessary for any newbie’s in internet marketing to start and obtain quick income. You will be able to easily to syndicate your videos and also your articles on almost 90 video, ezine and blog sites. You will be able to create lead pages, hosting included. You will learn how to market any affiliate product with no product, no website and no knowledge to start with. You will have access to keywords generator tools and tutorials and much more.
Don’t make me lie. According to me, be part of CCP is essential to learn internet marketing with some of the best internet marketer in the world and to start with the better chances to succeed in your internet marketing business. Nevertheless, with a membership to TrafficGeyzer, you would have no excuse and you would have all what you need to obtain your first incomes from internet marketing.

So, if, like me, you didn't take time to discover the tremendous tools that your membership to TrafficGeyzer offers you, just spend time to explore it and define how you will use it to reach more easily your goals. If you are not a member of TrafficGeyzer yet, I sincerely invite you to visit the website and apply now!

You are awesome!

I didn't come to the blog for 2 to 3 days. And I was so happy to see the gorgious postings that several of you made. There is a lot of personal value in them.
And several other had respond to the invitation to become contributors!

We will learn a lot from each other and empower everybody

Contributors, ready, set, let's go to your keyboards!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Inspired by who we all are

Learning more about who we all are and how we are all MASSIVE Action takers has made me so grateful for the people we will continue to attract into our businesses. Thanks for sharing your stories on the discussion board. We have an awesome community here! I have been inspired with article ideas, and copy for our custom hub. Thanks! Keep taking massive action and we will all continue to help others who are looking for a better way - and the money will follow!

More about Attitude and Mindset

Focus on all the reasons why you are likely to succeed instead of conjuring up all the stumbling blocks you might face. What happens in many cases is that despite 10 favourable reasons to pursue a business idea, it only takes 1 negative one to discourage people from even trying at all.

This is because the average person is programmed negatively.

At this very moment, thousands of people are rejecting perfectly good ideas, plans and dreams because a single negative idea has paralysed their judgement.

Squash the negative thoughts immediately and replace them with positive ones.

It's a "can do" attitude that you must adopt to succeed.

This is why I have succeeded in the past working for others and its this attitude we must adopt to succeed for our own businesses.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mind Of Thought Change Your Matters

Do You Remember David Banner? If you do not he was the scientist who changed into a monster from anger. When David became angry the Hulk took over David's body and a transformation happened. The presence of any one or many of the destructive emotions in the human mind, through the complex chemistry of the mind; sets up a destructive poison, which usually destroys one's sense of justice and fairness.

The mind is a creature of habit. Whatever you feed it, whether it is of negativity or positive presence; the dominating thought overtakes the other. Control of the mind, through the power of will, is really not difficult to obtain. In the armory of thought we forge weapons by which we destroy ourselves, but we also forge the tools with which we build ourselves mansions of joy, strength, and peace.

Truly our minds are like a garden, which can be cultivated or left to run wild. If no useful seeds are put in our mind garden then useless weeds will grow, and continue to produce many of the same weeds. We are responsible for plucking the weeds, and growing beautiful flowers and trees that bear good fruit. We are the MASTER GARDENERS OF OUR SOULS, We are the DIRECTORS OF OUR LIVES.

We are ever progressing, evolving, and changing. We are pounded and hit repeatedly by storms and adversities, so long if we believe that we are prone to the outside conditions, but when we realize our own power from within, we then can command the hidden soil and seeds from our minds which and where circumstances grow, we then become our own rightful masters of ourselves.

Men and Women are anxious everyday to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they then will always remain held down. An unsettled mind is helpless. Indecision makes an unsettled mind. Usually during periods of economic unrest the man or woman becomes handicapped, not alone but influenced by the indecision of others around them who have helped create a state of mass indecision.

Our Minds are always broadcasting and receiving thoughts continually. Change your thoughts, Change your life!!! Thank you for reading and to your success.

"How A Stay At Home Mom Makes $5700/ Month Using Google"

Many sites showcase people making as much as $300 a day working online from home on their computer.

Are online jobs the next big thing? For Mary Steadman it sure is. Mary, a mother of 2, is thriving, in the middle of an economic recession working in the comfort of her own home.

From her website: "I get paid about $25 for every link I post on Google and I get paid every week... I make around $7200 a month right now"
Mary's story is a very familiar one in these tough times. She lost her job as an account rep for a manufacturing company and a few days later her husband also was laid off from his job as part of cutbacks due to the bad economy.

"We knew we had to do something, so we put our heads together and started trying online job opporuntities." Mary and her husband Kevin wound up getting caught up in a few quick rich business opportunities that were nothing more than pyramid schemes before finding something that really worked.

"I realized the best thing to do is instead of hoping that a company that you are looking at is going last, why not go with a big, reputable company. After looking at several different companies, I picked the safest bet... Google."

Online giant Google is a publicly traded company and is worth an estimated $100 Billion. The company has pioneered online search and has changed the way we use the internet.

In a matter of weeks Mary and Kevin had a steady stream of income coming in via checks that were delivered to their home. They happened upon a system called " Google Biz Kit" that taught them how to make money posting links online.
Google Biz Kit is a free course that can teach anyone, regardless of computer skill level to start making money online. It's available for free by clicking here.
Mary even shared with us a picture of the kind of checks she gets from Google each month:

For those of you that have seen the 'scammy' sites on the internet that promise you can make millions of dollars online Mary warns that this is not the promise being made here and that most of those sites are false representations of earnings you can make.

"We never tell anyone they'll make millions of dollars, in fact I think this is the ONLY online system that says you probably WON'T make millions, but you can generate a legitimate income from home like I do that replaced my full time job."

Getting started is simple. Following these simple steps below is all you need to do to get started (source: Marys Blog):

Step 1: Get Google Biz Kit, only pay the $1.00 for shipping.

Step 2: Follow the directions on the kit that basically shows you how to set up a Google account. Then they will give you the website links to post. Start posting those links. Google tracks everything.

Step 3: Cash the check that Google sends you.

Associated Links:
Google Biz Kit official site

Stop Should'n't Yourself!

Well some of you know I have a 3 year old and no matter how hard he wants to be just like his Dad!!! But in more ways then that he is just like myself then I think he wants to admit. This summer we were teaching how to ride a bike with the training wheels and he was trying to get the concept of keeping the petals going around and around. There were many times that his footing would slip and he would lose his "Groove" and kinda stumble. Then after a few failures he then began to start saying the word "can't" then he would give up and go do something else no matter how hard we tried to get him back on the bike it would have to be his idea. But we would always come back to the "I just can't do it!" and then goes and sulks. Well thru the next couple days we kept at it but still the same can't attitude. My husband said to me he is so like you teasingly (cause we are both very stuborn!) Then after some thought I started thinking that I do have a can't attitude sometimes I am easy to give up!! Look at what I never followed thru. As a parent you know that you are a stronger example then you think. So I changed my ways and we started even with him that everything we do you will never fail if you just try. The only way you will fail is by giving up. Well end of summer came and now he is riding around the neighborhood faster then we can keep up! With that you need to remember that you just need to learn how to get into your "groove" if you fall off the pedal then get back on! Its like Mike Koenigs said: "you need to stop should'n't yourself." You can do it! Whats your reason? You know you have a reason thats why you are reading this today. And why you wanted to change your life. What is it? A Car A House? A Vacation? You name it and you can!

Amy M Anderson

Saturday, October 17, 2009

bum marketing

Hi Team

I am still watching videos on youtube. And I found an interesting way to find usefull videos giving real tools.

By looking at "bum marketing" you will find good stuff.

I am having a lot of new ideas!

Hello Everyone,
This is a test to see if I have all the right connections.

Powerful idea - dummies books

Hi Team

I am actually watching a great video I found by hasard. This a long video, but giving so a powerful idea. That give us recipie to find subjects, informations and article ideas for marketing articles.
The tool to use is Dummies books!!! The guy gives us all the step to go through to use this tool.

The link for the site where I found the video is entrepreneurial The video is near of the bottom of the page.

That is a really large content of useful information that everyone could use with his own feeling and obtain good results from.
For sure, I will use it quite soon!


Friday, October 16, 2009

How is your entrepreneurial mindset?

How is your entrepreneurial mindset these days?

I know, in CCP, every call, training is talking about that!

Think about it for a moment.

There are 97% of the internet marketers, online workers or home based business beginners failed to succeed and stop their business after 120 days or so! It is absolutely crazy!

Top earners don't know everything (for sure....even if they know a lot) but, they usually went through the same steps than us, they saw a lot of newbie’s before us, and as a consequence, they know that the personal state, development and mindset are CRITICAL to succeed!

That is why there is part, in all the tranings, which speech about that and repeat to us what it takes to succeed. So, it is our own responsibility to integrate that, create a empowered state in our mind, in our body, to find all our resources to follow through and reach our outcomes.

That could seem trivial, but for sure it is not. For at least several month, we need to accept to work a lot (and we MUST work a lot), to accept to have no results, no comments about our articles, our posts, no feedback from our videos, and no LEADS!
We need to accept that our great idea is not seen by others, except initiates.

You know that everyone claiming that you will be able to make a lot of money in a few weeks is a pusher of clouds, or a scammer!

I will share examples later (in another post), but for now, think about these questions

- Do you have a clear WHY you started your small home based business and more generally started your own internet marketing business (webmarketing/emarketing)?
- Do you have a clear and precise plan for the next days, weeks, months?
- Do you have a clear commitment to succeed whatever will be the frustrated moment you will face?- Do you have the drive to work each day, to take massive actions?
- Do you have the focus to use all your energy to orientate your action in the way to reach your outcome, to concentrate on specific strategies, and not try many different things, strategies, tools?
- Do you use the incredible power of you unconscious mind?In fact, I really like the last question and subject of unconscious mind. I will give you next times some really easy tools that I use every single day that I took from personal coaching (tools from Anthony Robbins, and also my dear love, who is also a personal coach)
Lelia Raynal

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome Force's Team

Welcome to OUR blog!

This blog now online to create a powerful interaction between the members of Michael Force Team interested to share, suggest, ask for help, and also have fun together!

With good interaction, constructive feedback from and to every one, we will find support, a forum to share ideas.
Do not leave alone when you are stuck, when you is frustrated, desperate. Ask for help and positive support....

You found tools, have a great new to share, successes, post them!

Our timing goal could be to work until we will meet us in LAS VEGAS! And we will share our successes!!!!

ARE YOU READY..............................................let's POST your stuffs!