Friday, October 30, 2009

How are your projets? Could you tell them to us?

Hi Everyone

I will be interesting to read about the current projets, as internet marketer, of the dear contributor of this blog. Sharing with other will be profitable for everybody : to give ideas to others and to help clarfying them in the mind of the author.

What is your current focus, what are your accomplishments, your challenges. Tell us about your success, your failure.

You could also tell us how we could help you or what are you current need.

I will start, ad hopefully, you will follow!


1 comment:

  1. Hi
    To start, I have several projects running.
    1. learning efficient copywriting
    2. create copywriting for my new blog which is in preparation with my story hub
    3. learning google adwords to start firt campaigns in a really short term
    4. find new niches to promote my business.
    5. create relationship on the different social media
    6. create local campaigns for several clients and use internet marketing strategies to promote their business.

    for some time now I did not write articles or press release. No time.

    Everything is exciting, and despite some frustrated moments, all these projects are really motivating.

    And what about yours? Fell free to comment mine