Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stop Should'n't Yourself!

Well some of you know I have a 3 year old and no matter how hard he wants to be just like his Dad!!! But in more ways then that he is just like myself then I think he wants to admit. This summer we were teaching how to ride a bike with the training wheels and he was trying to get the concept of keeping the petals going around and around. There were many times that his footing would slip and he would lose his "Groove" and kinda stumble. Then after a few failures he then began to start saying the word "can't" then he would give up and go do something else no matter how hard we tried to get him back on the bike it would have to be his idea. But we would always come back to the "I just can't do it!" and then goes and sulks. Well thru the next couple days we kept at it but still the same can't attitude. My husband said to me he is so like you teasingly (cause we are both very stuborn!) Then after some thought I started thinking that I do have a can't attitude sometimes I am easy to give up!! Look at what I never followed thru. As a parent you know that you are a stronger example then you think. So I changed my ways and we started even with him that everything we do you will never fail if you just try. The only way you will fail is by giving up. Well end of summer came and now he is riding around the neighborhood faster then we can keep up! With that you need to remember that you just need to learn how to get into your "groove" if you fall off the pedal then get back on! Its like Mike Koenigs said: "you need to stop should'n't yourself." You can do it! Whats your reason? You know you have a reason thats why you are reading this today. And why you wanted to change your life. What is it? A Car A House? A Vacation? You name it and you can!

Amy M Anderson

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  1. Great personal post Amy. By your reflexion, your thinking about yourself and defining your WHY, you empower you tremendously.
    And by creating a supportive team, with friends to support and help you, you will not give up!