Friday, October 16, 2009

How is your entrepreneurial mindset?

How is your entrepreneurial mindset these days?

I know, in CCP, every call, training is talking about that!

Think about it for a moment.

There are 97% of the internet marketers, online workers or home based business beginners failed to succeed and stop their business after 120 days or so! It is absolutely crazy!

Top earners don't know everything (for sure....even if they know a lot) but, they usually went through the same steps than us, they saw a lot of newbie’s before us, and as a consequence, they know that the personal state, development and mindset are CRITICAL to succeed!

That is why there is part, in all the tranings, which speech about that and repeat to us what it takes to succeed. So, it is our own responsibility to integrate that, create a empowered state in our mind, in our body, to find all our resources to follow through and reach our outcomes.

That could seem trivial, but for sure it is not. For at least several month, we need to accept to work a lot (and we MUST work a lot), to accept to have no results, no comments about our articles, our posts, no feedback from our videos, and no LEADS!
We need to accept that our great idea is not seen by others, except initiates.

You know that everyone claiming that you will be able to make a lot of money in a few weeks is a pusher of clouds, or a scammer!

I will share examples later (in another post), but for now, think about these questions

- Do you have a clear WHY you started your small home based business and more generally started your own internet marketing business (webmarketing/emarketing)?
- Do you have a clear and precise plan for the next days, weeks, months?
- Do you have a clear commitment to succeed whatever will be the frustrated moment you will face?- Do you have the drive to work each day, to take massive actions?
- Do you have the focus to use all your energy to orientate your action in the way to reach your outcome, to concentrate on specific strategies, and not try many different things, strategies, tools?
- Do you use the incredible power of you unconscious mind?In fact, I really like the last question and subject of unconscious mind. I will give you next times some really easy tools that I use every single day that I took from personal coaching (tools from Anthony Robbins, and also my dear love, who is also a personal coach)
Lelia Raynal


  1. Great initiative Lelia. Great topic to post on. So glad you are part of the team. Your post and profile made me think about one important area that might be helpful as we all write our landing page copy around other people's pain. The WHY YOU GOT IN THIS...Like "Tired of long work weeks, etc." I would love to hear more about how you found CCPRO - and what caught your attention!
    Cheers! - Michele Luminato

  2. Nice way to put it Lelia! When one has made his or her demands upon that which one wants, he or she must be ready for the surprises. Sometimes situations MAY SEEM to be going wrong, but in all actual reality, it is going right. All answers will come through intuition, maybe a chance remark from someone, or some kind of passage in a book, or a movie and sometimes the answers are quite startling because of how easily they are obtained.