Thursday, December 10, 2009

What are you doing on personal development on a daily basis?

Developing our technical skills and strategies to reach our professional goals is crucial.

Nevertheless, the key to success is probably not there only.

You need to develop yourself on a daily basis. Mindset, believes, commitment, drive, focus have to be develop, improve continuously. Your psychology, your physiology will give you success!

I invite you to share what you already implemented in your routine or think about what you should make every day.

Here is what I practice every single day since at least 6 months

- Incantations: the classic one is : I am successful. For my own incantations, I repeat them again and again at least 2 to 3 minutes in a day. You may have several different. You need to feel it, to be what you you say.

- Vizualisation : Put yourself at the place you want to be, having achieved your goals. You have to see you in that situation, you have to feel you are here. Do that for 5 minutes. Put yourself in a strong emotion while making the vizualisation. Do that each and every day. Do 1 or 2 but not more. And when you reached this goal, find another one.

- Meditation : take 5 minutes to empty my mind, to clarify my ideas.

- act on my physiology. Everytime I feel down, stressed, depressed. I Open mychest, take deep breaths, excale a lot. I Think about beautiful things. We canno't be depressed when smiling, breathing with open chest.

- I eat healthy to give a good energy to my body. Help yourself by choosing healthy meals.

- I Make exercice, walking and running. I Do the incantations and vizualisation while walking and running!

Your goal is to have a strong mindset, with the certity your unconscious mind will work for you and the certity you will do everything requiered to succeed in your projects.

Let's go. Share with everybody what you are doing as well regularly.


  1. What a wonderful way to get your mindset in the right place!

    What helps me often if I'm feeling run down is to make a mental list of things that are going well. A list of reasons why I'm remarkable today.

    When you feel good about yourself and your efforts, other people feel good around you. It helps to attract the right people and relationships into your life.

    And I have found, like you, that along with relationships, it's the mindset that powers everything.

    Thank you for this very necessary blog post, Lelia!

  2. Let me share something with you of a practical nature in your mindset and resulting actions.
    Always focus on maximizing your strengths and making your weaknesses irrelevant. We spend a lot of energy trying to conquer or overcome our weaknesses. How is that working out for you? Probably not too good. In fact when we focus on our weaknesses not only do they not get better but often our strengths suffer as well. In response we usually spend even more energy on our weaknesses.

    I try to structure my life in a way that makes my weaknesses irrelevant. In other words I never give my weaknesses opportunity to affect my life. Imagine the power that will come if you take that same energy you have focused on your weaknesses and applied it to your strengths. The ROI is amazing.

    During the civil war Abraham Lincoln was faced with a problem. He kept placing highly qualified and capable generals in charge of his armies but they kept losing badly. One day he called his advisors together and informed them that he was putting General Grant in charge of all of the armies. His advisors strongly advised him that this was a bad idea. Lincoln asked why. They told him because it was well known that Grant is a drunk. Lincoln said, "Find out what he is drinking and send a case of it to all my other generals. I don’t care if he is a drunk; all I know is that he wins every battle he leads". In effect Lincoln was saying that in this case Grant's weakness was irrelevant. He was focused on his strength. Grant was a brilliant military leader.

    My wife and I are a great team because we complement each other in our strengths and weaknesses. Her strengths often make my weaknesses irrelevant and visa versa. I would encourage you to get a running buddy who can do that for you. We tend to gravitate to people who are just like us. Sometimes it would be more helpful to be with someone who is different so we can complement each other.

  3. Liane and Sam, you made such great comments. Your points are powerful!
    I hope that many members will read them and apply them for themselves!